We do financing Mon - Fri 10am-6pm and Sat 10a-4:30 pm

Things to bring in with you to be financed:

  1. 2 Most recent pay stubs w name and year to date included (no exceptions).
  2. A Utility bill that has been mailed to current address this month.
  3. Current Drivers License

Plus you must have full coverage insurance w $500 deductible before vehicle can leave the lot.

For Zero down financing. Minimum 3 months Job and Residence time. Minimum $1,300 Net Income. No more than one Repo in the past year. Not all vehicles we sell work for the $0 down Finance. Ask a sales rep which vehicles Qualify.

Financing Through Michael J. Auto Sales

At Michael J. Auto Sales we value your privacy and security. By clicking on the application link below, you will be taken to our secure application. The purpose of a secure application is so your sensitive information can be encrypted and protected. If you don't see the application on your screen when you click below, try disabling your popup blocker.

Online Financing Application - Click Here