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Merlin II Aluminum Cylinder Heads

World Products has released it's all new Merlin II aluminum cylinder heads. They feature fully CNC'd 119cc chambers, 2.300 X 1.880 valve sizes. The ports (already bowl blended) come in a 350cc version for 509 and larger engines and a smaller 305cc version for 427 up to 509 cubic inches. They feature a full 3/8 deep intake and exhaust valve seat, helicoiled rocker stud holes. They are machined to accept either stud mounted rockers or shaft mounted rockers.

They are available as bare castings or fully assembled with Manley valves and several spring / retainer combinations.

If you were a performance enthusiast looking for cylinder heads prior to 1987, your choices were limited to scrounging through junkyards, going to a dealership for OEM parts, or spending a small fortune on aftermarket aluminum racing heads. There was no in between option. At this point, noted speed merchant Bill Mitchell and a skilled team of engineering and manufacturing personnel collaborated to develop an affordable cast iron head for the small block Chevrolet that delivered impressive performance gains. Their first offering, the World Products Dart II® cylinder head, became an instant success and was named �Product of the Year� in 1988 by Hot Rod Magazine. With the ability to bolt-on an increase of 30-70 horsepower with no other changes, and be affordable to the average performance enthusiast, World Products started a revolution in the industry. It is also important to note that this head (which has subsequently been improved upon and is now known as the Sportsman II), has undergone extensive testing by the C.A.R.B. and was issued E.O. #D-343-1. It is 50-state emissions legal. Moreover, it remains the ONLY high performance cast iron small block head to be certified. Big block Chevrolet enthusiasts were next to benefit from World Products �magic� in the form of the highly effective Merlin line of cylinder heads and engine blocks. Ultimately, the line has expanded to include both aluminum and cast iron blocks and cylinder heads� with complimenting intake manifolds. From Pro Stock and Pro Mod drag cars to off-shore boats, you'll find Merlin power in charge. This year the Merlin line has been bolstered by the addition of new �Merlin-X� blocks, cylinder heads and intake manifolds. These represent a remarkable combination of advanced designs and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to provide greater levels of performance at affordable prices. World's commitment to Ford enthusiasts has also increased significantly, thanks to the introduction of the Man O'War cast iron replacement block for 302/351 engines, as well as an aluminum block for 4.6/5.4L modular engines. With the block also came a natural progression to crate engines, with a wide variety of �Blue Oval� powerplants now available. And speaking of crate engines, due to popular demand you'll now be able to get more docile, fuel efficient engines in the form of new �Daily Driver� and �Cruiser� series for the street. They're all dyno-tested and certified to meet or exceed published performance levels. With expanded production and R&D capacity at its Ronkonkoma, NY headquarters, and a significantly increased lineup of blocks, cylinder heads and components, World Products looks toward a great 2005.


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