Racing Engines and Components

Weinle Motorsports Engines

500, 540, 565, 598, 615, 632 / 100 - 5000 hp

As an example: 632 cid Engine with Dart Block, GRP Rods, JE Pistons, Special Weinle Motorsports RFE Oval Port 12º Head, Special Weinle Motorsports Oval into Round Sheetmetal Aluminum Intake. Will produce 1,300 hp from 7,000-8,200 at over 950 ft torque from 6,500-7,000 rpm.

Complete 632 cid engine starting at $13,000.

  • Custom Aluminum Racing Manifolds Fabrication & Head Porting Services
  • New Engine Building & Used Engine Rebuilding & Complete Customizing
  • Boat Motor Building and Rebuilding / MercCruiser and Others
  • All type of Engines built from Stock to all out Racing











Custom Sheet Metal/Aluminum Manifolds

  • New - Tig welded
  • Leak Tested and Flowed
  • Intakes are flowed on a new JKM Dual Flow
  • Applications for Large and Small Blocks
  • U Weld Sheet Metal Kits Offered at $1,000

Weinle MotorSports Custom Fabricates Aluminum Manifolds to your Specifications
Our Specialty - Complete Fabrication and Testing $2000

engine rebuilding, repair, and custom components