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RHS� Cylinder Heads Deliver �Power By Design�

Racing Head Service� - the legendary innovator of cylinder head technology � offers the ultimate in cylinder head performance.

Utilizing the acquired resources of Pro TopLine cylinder heads in combination with the industry leading COMP Performance Group� engineering team and the most advanced cylinder head manufacturing foundry in the world, RHS� has re-emerged as the performance cylinder head leader.

A Legacy of Cylinder Head Design Innovation First established in 1967, RHS� began exclusively as a manufacturer of racing cylinder heads. Through the years, RHS� grew into a full-line race company, offering complete turn-key engines and race car parts via mail order. Always an innovator, RHS� was among the first to offer �crate engines� and mail order parts, establishing its reputation of leadership. With innovative cylinder head designs and porting techniques, RHS� became a performance icon during the 1970's and '80s in circle track and drag racing competition.

In 1976, the RHS� management team, recognizing the direct performance correlation between cylinder heads and camshafts, launched a new company � Competition Cams®. Today, COMP Cams® has grown to be the dominant force in valve train technology, an established leader in the automotive aftermarket. Throughout the '80s, RHS� and COMP Cams® became an amazing one-two punch for everything to do with racing, and from their headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, dominated NHRA and short track competition with their racing heads, valve train components and engines.

Due to ownership change and company realignment in the late '90s, RHS� slipped into a state of inactivity and until recently, remained idle, waiting for the right time for a fresh start. That time is now. As a part of the COMP Performance Group�, RHS� acquired the resources of the former Pro TopLine cylinder heads, including a high-tech cylinder head casting foundry located in Auckland, New Zealand, and returned to its rightful place as the most innovative producer of high performance cylinder heads in the aftermarket.

Performance Heads That Deliver �Power By Design� RHS� cylinder heads feature advanced airflow engineering and exclusive Clean Cast Technology�, making them the most powerful cylinder heads available. The unique RHS� vertically integrated manufacturing process allows our engineers to strictly control every detail of cylinder head creation, from concept to reality, all in one facility � an industry exclusive. This passionate attention to detail ultimately rewards you with cylinder heads that deliver exceptional performance gains, unmatched quality and superior durability - right out of the box. No modifications required.

One example of this unrivaled attention to detail is the advanced water jacket design found in RHS� cylinder heads. RHS� engineers paid special attention to reducing water jacket restrictions, often a severe problem with lesser quality heads. By improving the water jacket flow, internal �hot spots� and overall heat buildup are reduced, achieving cooler operating cylinder heads for better performance.

RHS� cylinder heads feature a wide range of runner sizes and combustion chamber volumes to perfectly match any engine combination. Available in three styles, as cast, CNC'ed chambers or matched assemblies utilizing quality COMP Cams® components, engine builders can order exactly what they want, further eliminating the need for time consuming and expensive after-purchase machining.

From the mild performance Pro Torker� series to high performance Pro Action� and extreme application Pro Elite� levels, RHS� cylinder heads are built to deliver �Power By Design.�

RHS� Cylinder Head Series

Pro Torker� The RHS� Pro Torker� series of cast iron cylinder heads is designed specifically for stock replacement and mild street performance applications. RHS� Pro Torker� heads utilize the exclusive Clean Cast Technology� that delivers the industry's tightest casting and machining tolerances for enhanced performance, exact component fit and maximum durability.

Stock replacement & mild street performance applications Superior cast iron core material for consistency & durability Clean Cast Technology� delivers enhanced airflow & performance

Pro Action� Pro Action� cylinder heads, the cornerstone of the RHS� line, are the right choice for a variety of serious performance applications, including street rods, muscle cars, drag racing, oval track racing and marine. Available in aluminum or cast iron, Pro Action� heads deliver more features, higher flow characteristics and better finish quality than other competitive brands.

Hardcore street, race & marine performance applications Available in aluminum & cast iron, with a variety of runner, chamber and machining options Enhanced features and superior quality; proven to out-perform the competition

Pro Elite� The RHS� Pro Elite� series cylinder heads are designed for absolute maximum performance. Utilizing innovative design engineering, advanced machining & exclusive production methods, RHS� redefines the limits of conventional cylinder head performance with their Pro Elite� line.

Extreme performance & race application cylinder head series Innovative designs & advanced CNC-machining for specialized applications & engine combinations Maximum cylinder head airflow & performance gains; the standards by which all others are judged

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