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"Pro-Filer" BBC Spread Port Tunnel Ram Intake Race
Winning Performance out of the box...

Fully Ported - As Cast Runners provide you with true "Bolt-On" Horsepower Cast Bosses on the runner provide an area for injection nozzles Engineered to match the "Pro-Filer 12 Degree Spread Port Cylinder Heads, but will also work with other aftermarket spread port heads. Dimensional Accuracy - consistency of the ports is far better than fabricated units. One-Piece construction dampens resonance, which effects high RPM horsepower Helps assist in making a more consisentent power curve Short (9.800) and Tall (10.200) deck heights available Available with Single or Dual Carb Top plates - Dual Carb increases 30-40 hp over Single Carb! Standard height, small cap distributors can be used Optimized for engines 632 and larger

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Why Reher Morrison calls the HITMAN intake the "Ultimate Single Plane"

The 208 Series spread port intake is a joint project we've been working on for two years now with Reher Morrison Racing Engines. It's the result of intense research and development work done to make you an intake manifold that will outperform any other single plane available at this time, without additional porting.

Independent testing by engine builders has shown this intake to be worth 40-60hp more than any other intake manifold available. In addition to the increase in horsepower and a corresponding increase in torque, it has a power band as much as 500 rpm wider than the closest competition.

Optimized for engines between 540-632 cu. in. 1" spacer cast into the manifold Runners are precision cast and ported to assure proper air flow Available for short or tall deck heights Cast bosses for injection nozzles One piece construction dampens resonance, which affects hi-rpm horsepower


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