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Pro-Filer Heads

Weinle MotorSports Sells the entire line of Pro-Filer Heads

Prices starting at:

  • SBC Aluminum Head  - $ 500
  • BBC Aluminum Head - $ 1900
  • BBC 12° OvalPort ProStock Aluminum Head - $ 3000
  • Entire Line of Pro Filer Heads for all Engines - CALL

Detailed Specs available at

HITMAN 12 Degree BBC Spreadport Heads

Pro-Stock Port Design promotes high intake port velocity 60cc Combustion Chambers allow lighter pistons, more compression and better combustion 12 Degree Hi-Flow Valve Angle Design Designed with a 12 degree intake valve angle, you be able to run a lighter piston and smaller chamber resulting in better combustion. The "Pro-Filer" 12 degree Big Block Chevy Spread Port Head takes the guess out of finding the right port for the best power. Based on our Pro-Stock port technology, our out-of-the-box port design provides better airflow than competitors larger CNC port designs, and that means INSTANT HORSEPOWER!

The "Pro-Filer" BBC Spread Port Cylinder Head has what it takes to win: 12 Degree valve angle, Spread Intake Ports, Reliable Hi-RPM Valve Train configuration, efficient intake ports, efficient combustion chamber, high-quality castings and much more.


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