Custom Head Porting




Weinle Motorsports Offers Special Customized RFE Castings with 2.6 x 1.9 Bronze Alloy Seats and 2.5 x 1.8 Titanium Valves.



This special Pro-Stock Design will flow 540 on Intake and 380 on Exhaust at 28" of water.

Our special Nitrous Versions Flow 540 on Intake and 410 on Exhaust.

$5,000 Complete


  • 12º Valve Angle
  • 1.90 Exhaust, 2.300" - 2.400" Intake. Uses T&D or Jesel Rocker Stands
  • 60cc combustion chamber allows for high compression with a small piston dome
  • Valve geometry allows consistent rpm operation to over 8,000 rpm without failure
  • Cast from Primary Ingot Aluminum using AMS-A-21180 Aerospace Standard Requirements
  • 4.840 Bore Spacing
  • Copper Alloy Seats and Guides
  • Customer's have seen a 50-100 hp gain over their current heads.
  • "Pro-Filer" lightweight, ported, cast Manifolds Available

Complete porting and assembly with Titanium Valves provided by Weinle Motorsports.

Will flow 540 on intake and 410 on exhaust at 28� of water on our JKM Dual Flow 600

$5,000 complete, Unported $2,500 - $3,000

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