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Custom Engine Building in Cincinnati

Weinle Motorsports builds all types and sizes of engines. We custom build racing engines from the ground up, with a variety of sizes/displacement available. We will build your custom engine from 100 cubic inch to over 1000 cubic inch for all makes and models.

Top Sportsman Style Engines

Weinle Motorsports specializes in Top Sportsman style engines from 632cid to 900cid. Choose your configuration, let us know what you'd like or ask us for our advice. We have many years of experience with engine building, but we also have years of professional race experience to help you decide.

Popular Engines for Race Applications

Some of the most popular engines we build for our customers are big block Chevy engines including:

  • 565 cubic inch big block Chevy
  • 598 cubic inch big block Chevy
  • 620 cubic inch big block Chevy
  • 632 cubic inch big block Chevy
  • 706 cubic inch big block Chevy
  • 806 cubic inch big block Chevy

Check out this video of one of our dyno tests:

Racing Engine #4

Series 190 Spread Port Racing Valve Covers
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Racing Engine #6

632cid B/BC 1400HP Fuel Injected
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Racing Engine #22-1
Racing Engine #22-2

825cid 5.0BS Chevrolet Semi Hemi
3-choose from @ 40-60,000 New 89,995
CN or LSM Billet Block, Callies or Winberg Billet
5.700 Crank, Crower Titanium Rods, Diamond Billet Pistons,
70mm Cams, Sonnys Semi Hemi Chev Heads CNC ported,
Weinle Motorsports Billet Runner Manifold,
Braswell Split Dominators
Engine will Dyno 1900+HP 1400Ft Torque
These Engines are Available from 650cid-1000 cid

Racing Engine #23-1
Racing Engine #23-2
Racing Engine #23-3

678 cid BB/C 4.6 Donovan 11.2 Aluminum block,
Bryant Crank 5.1 Crower Billet steel Rods Pro-Filer 12 Racing Heads
Weinle Motorsports Sheet Metal Intake, Pro-Systems Dominators 1400HP
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